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Should You Try The Keto Diet?

You’re undoubtedly familiar with the Ketogenic Diet, or Keto diet for short. Even for healthy people who don’t have any health issues, the Keto diet may help them lose weight and increase mental wellbeing. What is the ketogenic diet, and is it the right weight-loss plan for you? Let’s have a look at what it …

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What should I do if I'm thinking about trying the Keto Diet

Going Keto? Read This First!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Ketogenic Diet, also known as the Keto diet. While it isn’t a new idea, recent studies have shown that it can help with metabolic, neurological, and insulin-related illnesses. Even healthy individuals may benefit from following a Keto diet to enhance overall weight reduction and mental well-being. However, you must do …

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How To Snack Like A Pro

Are you snacking enough? Since many people have been working from home for many months now, or simply spending more time at home than usual, it’s likely that snacking has become a larger part of our daily diet. Is that a good thing? Maybe and maybe not. First, snacking isn’t necessarily negative. It can be …

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Preventing Childhood Obesity

Recent findings among American children suggest that there has been an alarming spike in childhood obesity rates since the COVID-19 lockdowns began. The University of Michigan discovered that kids gained a shocking amount of excess weight during this time. Kids aged 5- 11 were the worst affected, with 45.7% (this is not a typo!) of …

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salt diet

Sodium Is Ruining Your Health: Here’s What To Avoid At Popular Restaurants

In our efforts to live a healthy, well-balanced life, we often overlook the small stuff. ‘Evaluate salt intake’ probably isn’t high on your list of things to do this week. However, it should be. Sodium intake is a silent killer, and almost always goes undetected…until it’s too late. Here’s why. High salt diets contribute to: …

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work off calories chart

How Much to Work It Off?

The conventional wisdom about working out 30 minutes a day to stay fit is a good rule of thumb…unless fast food and junk food play a role in your diet. In that case, 30 minutes of brisk walking won’t even burn the equivalent number of calories found in a chocolate chip cookie or candy bar. …

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