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does stress cause weight gain?

Stress and Weight Gain

Adult life is filled with numerous challenges, but have you ever wondered whether or not stress levels have a negative impact on your weight-loss goals? If so, you’re about to find out the truth about the link between stress and weight gain. Keep in mind that every individual is different, which means stress will affect …

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low carb diet benefits

Six Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

There’s a lot of hype surrounding low carb diets, but are there any benefits beyond simply losing weight? A low carb diet is one where the aim is to avoid indulging in foods that are high in carbohydrates, but it should be noted that there are healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates. While complex carbohydrates such as …

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Benefits of being low carb

Thinking about losing some extra weight, but worried that it isn’t possible without getting hungry? Or perhaps your goal is to lose weight in order to improve your health? It’s actually possible to lose weight without getting hungry if you start following a high-protein, low-carb diet. There are scientific studies like this one that demonstrate …

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Low Carb Snacks for Diabetics

There are countless medical conditions that can impact your health in a big way. If your blood sugar levels are too high, this could result in you being diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is a serious condition that can impact all areas of your life and can have a negative impact on your overall health. Insulin …

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is low carb right for me

Ten Benefits of Losing Weight

We’re all trying to look our best, but losing weight is no easy task. It takes hard work and dedication, as well as a lot of self-restraint. Basically, losing weight never happens accidentally, especially when you’re trying to do it without any input or guidance from a medical professional. One of the obstacles to losing …

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