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The Psychology of Weight Loss

The term weight loss psychology refers to the study of the psychological factors that influence an individual’s ability to lose weight and keep it off long-term. This includes understanding why people overeat, how our emotions affect our eating habits, and what kind of thinking patterns lead to successful weight loss. Why do we overeat? One …

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Healthy Food Planning

Thanks to the internet, many people are discovering the importance of exercising greater control over their diets. Taking responsibility for one’s own health is easier than ever due to our ability to access articles, recipes, exercise programs, and products in mere seconds. With so much information readily available, we are all finding new and creative …

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Easing Back Pain With Exercise?

All pain is not equal. A headache from too much caffeine can be relieved by drinking water, but back pain is very different. Unfortunately back pain can make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and hinder our willingness to exercise, which only makes the problem worse by further encouraging a sedentary lifestyle. However, according …

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exercise as we age

The truth about exercise over 40

By now everybody knows that exercising is important for maintaining health, but the truth is that it becomes more challenging after the age of 40 for many people. Children, work responsibilities, and raising a family or caring for aging parents all contribute to what seems to be an increasingly busy lifestyle as we age. Fitting …

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