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medical weight loss

Advantages of a Medical Weight Loss Program

The alarming rise in adult obesity has led a large number of people to opt for medical weight loss plans to reach healthy weight levels. Realizing that obesity is a contributor to a host of other serious health problems, proponents find that it is more effective to have a physician, specialized in bariatric medicine, to help them reach their goal rather than trying whatever fad diet is popular at the time.

Unfortunately, many Americans who try fad diets do not follow healthy eating habits, and quickly relapse into the same eating patterns that got them into trouble in the first place. Some experience periods of undernourishment, which significantly hinders progress, and leads to sporadic bingeing. As a result, they pile up pound after pound.

In sharp contrast to this, a medical weight loss program makes use of trusted medical science. With the guidance of a trained physician, the patient’s overall health is never compromised by using unsafe and useless diets. The procedures employed are in conformity with tested medical standards and knowledge. 

Can a Medical Weight Loss Program Help You to Lose Weight?

Tailor-Made Plans
Medical weight loss programs are custom-made to suit each patient’s needs. They are prepared by not only analyzing a patient’s day-to-day food consumption and physical exertion levels, but their complete health profile is considered to design their personalized plan. It takes note of the medical history of the patient, likely hormonal imbalances, prescriptions, thyroid issues, and other possible factors that may have a considerable impact on losing and gaining weight.

A full body assessment, inclusive of body fat and weight analysis, complete blood count, and sometimes even an EKG, will be carried out by a physician. This will provide you with a clearer picture and assist you in reaching your ideal weight and improved health.

Other Health Concerns
Being overweight or obese puts you at high risk for numerous other medical problems, which necessitates proper medical supervision to reach optimal health. Hypertension or high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, and respiratory troubles are a few of the typical ailments that come with obesity.

The medicines that come with these health conditions need to be monitored and considered when designing a feasible weight loss plan. Additionally, you may go through fluctuations in heart rates, respiratory rates, and blood pressure that must be kept in check.

Personal Attention
Your efforts can be reinforced with constant motivation from your physician and their medical team. She can encourage you to change harmful behaviors and can hold you accountable via regular visits. Throughout your health journey, she can help you get insights into the degree of weight loss in terms of fat, muscle, or water weight, which will guide you to act accordingly.

After enrolling in a medical weight loss program, patients tend to experience considerable advances in their total health with drastic reductions in obesity-related complications.

If you want to know if medical weight loss is right for you, please contact Dr. Blissenbach here for a free consultation. She is able to provide expert care, regardless of your current medical history and weight loss needs.

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