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Five Tips For A Healthy Holiday

The magical season of the year is finally here! Trees and decorations are up, stockings are ready to go, old Christmas songs on the radio, and some of our favorite meals are just around the corner. Christmas ham, roasted and mashed potatoes with gravy, casseroles, and baked goods galore. Of course, family and friends are a big part of what makes the holiday a happy season. However, although this holiday season gives us an opportunity to savor our blessings, it is easy to neglect weight loss targets, many of which were part of a resolution last January!

So here are five tips to help you achieve your weight loss goals without being a grinch in the process.

  1. Small Amounts
    Don’t overwhelm yourself by having so many things on your plate at once. You may do more damage than good because your blood glucose level will spike and you’ll want to crash into a food coma, which isn’t good for you or your body. Instead, consider eating smaller meals every 3 to 4 hours whenever you are part of a celebration. Remember, food is just a small part of what makes the holidays great, so no need to go overboard.
  2. Veggies First
    Simply because it is a holiday doesn’t mean that you ought to overlook the vegetables. A party platter filled with fresh fruits and vegetables will be available at most seasonal events. We suggest you add a generous portion of veggies on your plate each time you consume meat. They are full of all-important fiber along with vitamins, good carbs, and minerals.
  3. Go lean
    Aim to look for healthier, lean meat products when you’re the host, or you can make recommendations if it is a family affair. If you are preparing a turkey, steer toward the white meat because it includes lower fat. If you plan to cook ham, then we would advise a quality product that’s not filled with chemical additives or saline.
  4. Take Supplements 
    Let’s be truthful here, whenever family is near, we all find it more challenging to eat nutritious food compared with our regular diet. If you are planning to indulge a bit, please be sure to fill the nutritional gaps with supplements. Our multi-vitamin (seen here) is specifically formulated by Dr. Blissenbach to provide your body with all the vitamins it needs to look and function its best.
  5. Drink more water
    Water is a necessity for every living creature, no matter what day it is. There are tons of beverage choices available around this time: teas, coffee, sodas, juices, and alcohol. If you want to have a coffee-based drink, then we would suggest something without sugar or a lot of cream, since it is lighter in kcal. Alcohol can add to the festive feeling, and you’re going to get a variety of wine, liquor, as well as sugary mixed drinks. We’ve written an article on this subject here, if you want to know the skinny on drinking alcohol on a low carb diet. Of course, water is always the best choice if you’re calorie and health conscious.

We hope this brief guide was helpful. The holiday season is a wonderful time, and there’s no reason to fall off the wagon, so to speak, when it comes to eating smart. We hope the time spent together with friends and family will be filled with fun, laughter, and gratitude for everything that is good in your life.

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