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What should I do if I'm thinking about trying the Keto Diet

Going Keto? Read This First!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Ketogenic Diet, also known as the Keto diet. While it isn’t a new idea, recent studies have shown that it can help with metabolic, neurological, and insulin-related illnesses. Even healthy individuals may benefit from following a Keto diet to enhance overall weight reduction and mental well-being.

However, you must do it correctly and follow it diligently. We’re here to assist you in doing so! We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts for following the Keto diet.

What is the keto diet, and is it right for me? Keto is a bit more restrictive than most low carb diets. It is basically a high-fat, low-carb diet that focuses on burning healthy fats for energy. Your body won’t enter “fat-storing” mode when you eat Keto-friendly meals, so you’ll lose weight effectively. However, you won’t have to worry about being hungry or missing out on delicious meals.

What should I do if I’m thinking about trying the Keto Diet?

Use High-Fat Oils to Fry or Grill

One myth is that oil is not a necessary component of a nutritious diet. Take another look! In moderation, various types of oil, such as coconut and especially extra virgin olive oil, are an easy way to add beneficial fats into your meals.

You Should Always Have Water in Your Diet (And Plenty Of It)

Something Most People Undervalue. The Keto Diet, like any diet, requires water. Because staying hydrated helps to remove toxins while circulating the nutrients left over in your body, it is particularly crucial for making the Keto Diet a success..

Increase Your Nut & Seed Intake

Nuts and seeds may not seem like much of a big deal, but they’re packed with omega-rich fatty acids and other good stuff. Consider including pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, peanuts, chia seeds, hazelnuts for your daily snacks, or incorporate them into your meal preparation for a bit of a crunch.

Here’s what NOT to do on the Keto Diet

Eat Sugary Fruits

Everyone believes that fruit is good for you, which it is. However, sweet and sugary fruits like pineapple, overly ripe bananas, raisins and grapes aren’t the greatest choice for weight loss since they include more carbohydrates. This is something you should avoid when following the Keto Diet. Kiwis, cantaloupe, avocado (yep, they’re actually classified as a fruit!), and strawberries are better options. Or, if you want something sweet to snack on, try some of our low carb sweets.

Skip the Fat

With the Keto diet, you must eat sufficient amounts of fatty foods in order for it to succeed. We recommend avoiding fast foods (more on this in a second), and going for something more healthful like salmon, cheese, eggs, Greek yogurt, nuts, seafood, or bacon. There are a lot of benefits to being low carb, because it helps you to be mindful of the categories of food you eat on a regular basis.

Eat only at Home

Another big reason we see the Keto Diet fail is that many people think they have to give up eating at restaurants. This is completely false. If your diet makes you miserable, it’s probably not going to be something you’ll stick with. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to find keto-friendly foods at restaurants. For instance, replace any high-carb food, such as toast or french fries, with vegetables or extra cheese. Slap a fried egg or an avocado on that burger instead of two huge pieces of bread and you’ll be golden. Having BBQ? Skip the Texas toast and have an extra piece of brisket. It’s pretty easy to adapt to a low carb diet once you think about the options.

Dieting isn’t always simple, but it shouldn’t be tough. The solution to finding the right diet is incorporating the one that works the best with your lifestyle. Our customers have found that the right low carb foods not only help you lose weight, but also help you feel healthier, boost confidence, and improve your outlook on life.

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