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How to Make Holiday Recipes Healthier

The holidays are always a time when we’re tempted to indulge in delectable and enticing goodies. The key to maintaining a healthy weight is to find good ways to enjoy yourself and all the Christmas foods you love without restricting yourself too much.

Cookies, pies, and other sweets can be harmful to one’s health since they are high in sugar and empty calories and lack important nutrients. When making changes, look for ways to cut back on the sugar while still adding useful fiber and protein back into the meal. Also, any change may take some trial and error to achieve proper consistency and flavor.

Here are some alternative ingredients you may use in your holiday recipes to keep them healthy and tasty!

  1. When baking, replace some of the white flour you would normally use with alternative flours like: coconut, almond, chia, lupin, or oat fiber. These are more low-carb and keto-friendly, and will add fiber back into your cakes and cookies while retaining taste.
  2. Replace chocolate chips with cocoa powder, cacao nibs, dark chocolate of 75%+ cacao. These chocolate options can help you slowly transition away from sugary milk chocolate.
  3. Replace the sugar with something healthier. Splenda, stevia, honey, maple syrup, and even applesauce are a great way to make sweets healthier without the negative impact of unneeded refined sugar.

Do you want to try out some new, healthier recipes for the holidays? Check the collection of recipes we have here at our sister site, or pick one of these high-protein sweet snacks and desserts.

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