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High Protein Diet for Weight Loss

Do high protein diets really work? As with any weight loss question, results depend on a number of factors, but let’s explore how high protein diets work first.

A high protein diet is an attractive option for those who want to lose a few pounds without the hassle of constructing an elaborate diet full of hard-to-find ingredients. Women typically require at least 50 grams of protein per day, while men need 60 grams or more. However, with high-protein diets, that number can easily double or triple.

However, a high protein diet regime is just part of the larger equation for losing weight. Although a high protein diet has helped numerous people achieve their weight loss goals, one risk with a high protein diet that relies primarily upon red meat, is that it can have an adverse affect on cholesterol levels. Because of this, chicken, fish, eggs, beans, and cheese are healthier alternatives to red meats.

Feeling Fuller, Longer
As protein takes a longer time to digest compared to carbs, a diet rich in protein will help you manage feelings of hunger. In contrast, a diet with more carbohydrates (grains and cereals) will only fill you up for a short while, and unless you are extremely active, it will usually turn to fat. Therefore, a protein-rich diet will help you to control your calorie intake and shed off extra pounds from your body. Due to fewer carbohydrates in your diet, your body can begin to use stored fat for fuel, instead of carbs.

In some cases, this can place the body in a state of ketosis, but you should speak with a physician first before you start to change your diet. So, if you do not have any medical conditions, you should speak directly with Dr. Blissenbach to determine whether a high protein diet is right for you. You can schedule an appointment here.

A protein-rich diet that focuses on lean proteins, combined with the right amount of complex carbohydrates, can do miracles for people who are determined to lose weight. As with any diet, this plan should also incorporate daily exercise in order to be optimally effective. High protein diets also help to sustain lean muscle tissue. This is one reason why many athletes and bodybuilders rely on protein shakes like these.

Enhance Metabolism
A high protein diet takes a longer time to digest compared to a diet rich in carbohydrates. Protein-rich diets burn more calories and produce more amino acids, which are the building blocks
for muscles and other body structures. More amino acids mean more muscles and a fitter body. Therefore, a protein-rich diet helps you to tone, get stronger, and can provided a much-needed boost to your metabolism.

Simple to follow
Various types of protein-rich diet regimes are available. You can choose any one of them as per your body requirements. Two of the more popular versions are colloquially known as the ‘Keto Diet’ and ‘The Atkins Diet’. One should be aware that every individual responds differently to a diet rich in proteins. A protein-rich diet is easy to follow, as it is simple to make. For instance, you can prepare grilled chicken or tuna with certain veggies at home within no time and with less effort than a casserole and sides, and it is a wholesome meal. There are several easy-to-reach high protein meals (see here) and protein-rich bars (see here) available on our website that can make a high protein, low carb lifestyle even easier. 

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