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grilling healthy

How to grill healthy this summer

After a long time in ‘quarantine’, nearly everyone is looking forward to summer barbecues and time with friends and family. This is doubly true for those that live in locations that got hit with cold weather during spring.

Summertime means many things, and is a time when great memories are built of beach, grilling outdoors, picnics, and travelling! Although this summer may still be a bit different from summers of the past, everyone still wants to look fantastic in their bathing suits while eating their favorite summertime foods.

Of course, looking good in a bathing suit is a challenge, so let’s talk about how to look our best this summer while we still enjoy the delights of eating delicious food.

Let’s be real…there are always going to be challenges faced with sweet treats during family picnics, but it really isn’t that difficult to find healthy solutions that taste just as good.

You don’t have to give up BBQ

Nothing is better on the grill than a rack of ribs, am I right? However, both beef and pork ribs have a really high fat content. Bummer. But there’s an easy hack many people aren’t aware of–just use veal ribs for barbecue instead. Why veal?

First, veal is way more tender than beef or pork, but more importantly, it has significantly less fat. Another option to use for grilling is venison ribs. They can be found at a butcher’s shop, though probably not in most grocery stores.

One pointer: marinating the venison ribs at least a day is essential, otherwise they will come out a bit dry on the grill.

Change up your burgers

Many people grow up eating beef burgers, but a lot of people have never tried turkey burgers. They may assume that turkey burgers are dull or dry. Not true.

If you prepare them properly, they are tastier than beef burgers and much healthier!

Here’s the trick: add an egg, some breadcrumbs, and some steak (or Worcestershire) sauce to the ground turkey before you form the patty. You can also mix in a bit of beef, if you like, but just not too much. Next, toss the turkey burgers on the grill and you will have a new spin on the traditional burger that your family, and your waistline, will love.

Easy-peasy grilled fish

By now, most of us are aware that fish is a healthier option for us than red meat. It has lots of essential vitamins as well that our bodies need and can’t get elsewhere. Yet, for some reason, few people have the courage to cook fish on the grill. Believe me, it is actually easier and less messy than making burgers and you can use any kind of fish fillet you prefer. Salmon is a good choice, though.

All you need to do is spray a large piece of foil with non-stick cooking spray or you can coat it with olive oil instead. Next, add some fresh vegetables on top of the fish. Zucchini, carrots, onions, squash, tomatoes, or any veggies that you and your family like.

Now, it is as simple as wrapping the foil around the fish and veggies like a little packet and placing it on the grill to cook. It will be done in 30 min or so, and everyone will love it! The best part is you do not have to scrape the grill after you’re done…just wrap up the foil and pitch it. Easy-peasy, right?

So, we hope you have a great summer together with family and friends, and that you see how easy it is to grill healthy during the summer months. Be creative and enjoy!


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