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Ten Benefits of Losing Weight

We’re all trying to look our best, but losing weight is no easy task. It takes hard work and dedication, as well as a lot of self-restraint. Basically, losing weight never happens accidentally, especially when you’re trying to do it without any input or guidance from a medical professional.

One of the obstacles to losing weight is getting stuck in a pattern of unhelpful and unhealthy habits like overeating, emotional eating, binging on salty or sweet snacks, lack of exercise, and so on. However, if your clothes are a bit too tight, if you get a bit winded after a flight of stairs, or if you’re finding it impossible to lose the baby weight, it might be time to focus on all the benefits of losing weight. Here are ten benefits to consider:

1. Overall health

Losing excess weight can bring you some hefty health benefits. You’ll be at much lower risk of heart and vascular disease, diabetes, your mobility and vitality will improve, and you’ll feel better.

Losing weight will help you keep your blood pressure and sugar levels under control. Just imagine, in a few years, you can forget taking a handful of pills each morning and take your routine morning run instead.

2. Extra energy

Exercising and dieting might be exhausting at first. However, once you get in better shape, losing weight will actually increase your energy levels. You won’t find yourself snoozing at your desk after lunch or wishing for a nap at 3:30pm anymore.

3. Better sleep

Are you tossing and turning during the night and having difficulty sleeping? That might be due to your weight. People who lose weight sleep better at night and have less trouble falling asleep. As well, sleep apnea is highly correlated with being overweight. Not only does this condition rob you of  a good night’s sleep, it is almost certainly taking years off your life.

4. A great stress-relief

To lose weight you need to exercise regularly, and exercising is an excellent stress-relief. Not to mention, just knowing that you’re losing weight will also reduce your stress. Furthermore, a healthy diet, an exercise regime, and quality sleep will decrease your anxiety levels and help you cope with stress. Exercise doesn’t need to be complicated, either…just taking a brisk walk will improve your body and mind.

5. Body image and confidence

When you slim down, you’ll feel better about your body. Furthermore, the fact you’ve accomplished your goals will raise your spirits, and you’ll be more open and self-assured. You’ll respect your body more and project an image of a confident, positive, and content person.

6. Active social life

Once you start feeling better about yourself, you’ll start to go out more, and you won’t be as hesitant to meet new people. Making new friends, chatting with someone more senior at work, or simply reconnecting with old friends is not daunting if you feel great about how you look. Since you’ll have a more positive approach to everything, people will also be more likely to approach you as well.

7. A mood booster

All these improvements will boost your mood. After all, each time you think about successfully achieving your goals, you’ll feel good about yourself. There’s nothing more pleasant than the self-satisfaction that comes with taking control of one’s own body.

8. Better sex drive and performance

While everyone has sex, people who are fit have it more often and are generally better at it, according to this article on WebMD. When you lose weight you’ll have more energy and your stamina will be off the charts thanks to healthy eating and daily exercise. However, more importantly, losing weight will make you more confident, which will be noticeable in the bedroom as well.

9. Better immune system

Are you catching a cold every time the seasons change? If you get fitter, you’ll be more resistant to viruses. A healthy lifestyle will boost your immune system much better than any supplement vitamin pack could. Take care of your body and nutrition and your body will take care of you.

10. Cooking and enjoying the food

Once you forget about junk food, you’ll have to cook for yourself and prepare healthy meals and select healthy snacks. Developing this skill is a nice side benefit (and will save you money!). Furthermore, once you stop the junk food intake, you’ll notice how freshly prepared food tastes better.

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