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Show Yourself Some Love With Vitamins D, A, and B12

We celebrate love every Valentine’s Day, but many people struggle with showing love to their own bodies. One of the best ways we can love and care for our bodies is by nurturing them with the right vitamins and minerals. Today, we want to highlight the importance of vitamins D, A, and B12.

Deficiencies in vitamins D, A, and B12 can lead to grave health issues, and for this reason, supplementation can bring in several health benefits. Are you consuming sufficient vitamins D, A, and B12? At every stage of life, your body requires an adequate quantity of these essential nutrients, which can be consumed in supplement form.
The western diet often lacks many of the important vitamins needed by your body and brain to function optimally. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is overburdened with heavy processing, which causes the food to lose its natural nutrients.

One way to compensate for the manufactured food’s nutrient deficiencies is by taking supplements. Despite eating healthily, ensuring that your daily vitamin requirements are met via your food is a challenging task.

The Numerous Benefits of Vitamin D
A lot of us fail to get the recommended daily levels of this antioxidant, even if we live in sunny regions where vitamin D, due to the amount of time we spend working indoors.

Deficiencies of Vitamin D can result in a mixture of severe health issues, including susceptibility to contracting COVID, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, increased risk of cancer, and infectious illnesses. On the other hand, adequate amounts of it can provide many health benefits. These include:
• Enhances immune response that helps lower the risk of ailments like cardiovascular disease, an autoimmune disorder, and cancer.
• Augments muscular efficiency and strength. Vitamin D supplementation is coupled with enhanced mitochondrial performance. Mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell, are negatively impacted by vitamin D deficiency. Due to this reason, muscle fatigue is prevalent among those who lack sufficient levels of Vitamin D.
• Stronger pre-schoolers in terms of muscle power. The aforesaid connection between muscle efficiency and Vitamin D is applicable to pregnant women as well. As per a study, four-year-old kids whose mothers had a greater amount of Vitamin D during their pregnancy had more powerful grip strength than those children whose mothers had smaller levels of Vitamin D during their pregnancy. Another key finding was the direct connection between higher levels of and increased muscle mass in the little children.
• A decreased risk of multiple sclerosis, a lower risk of catching the flu, and reduced fall risk in the elderly are some other benefits of the said Vitamin.

Vitamin A: More Than What Meets the Eye Care Needs
Vitamin A is a natural and powerful antioxidant. Its deficiency can lead to a weak immune system, night blindness, and various skin problems, among other things.
• Its benefits are:
• Boosts immune system functionality
• Healthy teeth and bone
• It helps maintain moistness in the skin and mucus membranes to ward off invaders
• Maintains optimal night vision and prevents macular degeneration
• Defends against free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can destroy DNA and cause diseases like cancer and heart issues
• Can retard growth in pre-existing cancers
• Assists in maintaining a healthy skin
• Builds better resistance to cold

Vitamin B12: Particularly Crucial for Vegetarians
Vegetarians and especially vegans are at a greater risk of developing Vitamin B12 deficiency since this nutrient is sourced naturally from animal-based foods alone. That is why it is important for Vegans and vegetarians alike to take B12 supplements.
B12 deficiency may lead to neurological problems such as permanent brain damage. Furthermore, its deficiency may result in fatigue, depression, loss of appetite, anemia, memory loss, asthma, constipation, compromised vision, and reduced sperm count.
Sufficient B12 intake is critical for optimal functioning of the central nervous system and proper production of red blood cells. Other benefits include:
It helps maintain suitable glucose metabolism
• Prevents brain shrinkage with age
• Improves lipid profile
• It helps maintain skin integrity
• Protects against cancers like lung, prostate, breast, and colon
It is not a smart move to assume that the food convenience and consequential overeating that comes with modern lifestyle automatically take care of your Vitamin D, A and B12 needs. For optimal health, supplementation must form a part of your healthy living plan.

If you’re looking for a simple solution to the problem of vitamin deficiency, show your body some love and invest in our elite multivitamin found here, which has everything your body needs.

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