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Weight Loss Made Easy with a Few Simple Tricks

If you have realized it’s time to change your diet and lifestyle to lose weight then you should realize that your willpower, like a muscle, can only be pushed so hard before it quits. A radical diet change is enough to test anybody’s willpower, and that is why so many weight loss programs fail in the long run. A new diet must be sustainable; that is where these simple, and sneaky tricks to come in handy to make the transition easier and weight-loss possible.

First off, decide exactly what your weight loss goal is then write it down and tell those around you. This makes you accountable for what you set out to do. Decide specifically if your goal is to reach a certain weight, fit a certain size of clothes, or even reach a certain percentage of body fat. This will give you a way to measure how much progress you have, or have not, made on your weight loss goal.

The single most critical time of the day, which has the most dramatic effect on whether or not your weight loss program will succeed, may surprise you; your trips to the grocery store can make or break your weight loss program. Go there with a grocery list to keep yourself from impulsively grabbing junk food. It is also a wise move to eat before shopping. Hungry shoppers load up on the unhealthy stuff that sabotages their weight-loss program.

We all know that we need to drink plenty of water. Here is why: not only does water make your stomach feel full, mild dehydration is often mistaken for hunger. Furthermore, the depressing, sluggish feeling that comes with dehydration often sends people for high-calorie, fatty, and sugary comfort foods. Carrying a bottle of water with you at all times is a simple strategy, and an easy habit to create. It will keep you hydrated and steer you away from the sugary beverages that you know you shouldn’t be drinking.

Like the rule about water, we all know we should eat more vegetables. But did you know that, when having a meal, eating your vegetables first can dramatically help you lose weight? The fiber and water in vegetables takes up prime real estate in your stomach. This leaves less room for the higher calorie foods that follow, and helps you leave the table feeling full from fewer calories. Needless to say, don’t finish the plate if you aren’t hungry.

There is something you should note about human nature; we are prone to gluttony. That’s what has made so many of us obese in the first place. But now you can use your gluttonous nature to your advantage by eating more of the “good stuff” instead of less of the “bad stuff”. The way our brains are wired, it is more difficult to avoid a list of things NOT to eat than it is to abide by a long list of things to eat more of. Switch your perspective around and think of the hundreds of diverse “yes” foods hanging out in the produce section. Have you ever heard anyone say that they got fat from eating too many fruits? Has anybody ever ruined his/her diet with tofu? How many people packed on the pounds with too much salad? No, it just doesn’t happen. Start your new weight loss program with a long list of “yes” foods. Weight loss programs are much easier when the glass is half full instead of half empty.

No matter how smart you are about how you eat, you are bound to run into cravings sooner or later. However, cravings don’t mean that you need to tear open a bag of potato chips; there is a better way. If you are craving something sugary, try an apple or other sweet fruit instead. If you are craving something fatty, go with a handful of nuts. If this doesn’t keep the beast at bay, then indulge yourself a bit. The key is moderation, not deprivation. Eat a small serving of whatever it is you are craving then wait to see if you still want another. Don’t beat yourself up over it either; you’re only human. A safe solution is to stock up on low carb snacks like a low carb party mix that you can enjoy without worrying about excess calories, carbs, and sugars.

Willpower is a limited resource. Successful weight-loss dieters don’t do starvation crash diets; they “work smarter, not harder”. It is not realistic to believe you can stick with a dramatic diet change if you don’t have a few tricks up your sleeve. Building your new weight loss program with these sneaky tricks in mind, you can lose weight easily and permanently.

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