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when to drink protein shakes

Protein Shakes: Are You Missing Out?

If you want to lose weight while gaining muscle, begin drinking a protein shake twice a day. There are several advantages, not least of which is that consuming protein shakes will help your body obtain lean, clean protein.

Protein is incredibly important for the development and maintenance of healthy tissues, particularly in the ageing body. Because they know how beneficial protein can be, even professional athletes and Olympians aim to consume a specific number of grams in relation to their weight. Protein shakes are a better and more convenient approach to get this done than other options such as red meat, legumes, eggs, or milk.

When to Drink Protein Shakes

However, the question remains: when is the optimal time to have the protein shake? One of the best times to drink a protein shake is before a workout. It not only provides you with energy, it also allows your body to exercise more efficiently than if you train on an empty stomach or after a full meal. As well, the body needs protein to build muscle and recover faster after vigorous exercise. It used to be a popular myth that you should drink protein within 30 minutes of a workout, but that’s been largely disproved.

Protein shakes are an excellent breakfast choice. You will not feel hungry soon after as you might with a bowl of cereal or toast, and protein shakes help you lose body fat without losing muscle since they give your body lean protein rather than empty calories or refined carbohydrates.

The reason it isn’t often recommend to indulge in protein shakes in the afternoon as a supplement is that your body and brain often need more calories at this time to perform tasks efficiently until dinner time. Drinking a protein shake in the afternoon, therefore, may not provide you with enough energy, and ultimately, you could feel drowsy doing your work or running errands. If you do not like protein shakes, then the best replacement for a protein shake can be protein bars. You can eat these bars for breakfast or at dinner.

This said, not everyone’s schedule is the same, and for some, whether because of shift-work, or the rhythm of their day, the recommendation of drinking a protein shake in the morning may not suit the needs of your body. The most important thing is whether you are drinking a protein shake, rather than when you drink it.

Why Drink Protein Shakes?

Moreover, protein shakes will help you increase your metabolism because a high-protein diet–when combined with exercise–will help you build muscle, which, in turn, burns more calories than fat.

Protein shakes are also a phenomenal food replacement. People who want to improve their physique a little faster can replace their breakfast with a protein shake. Skipping breakfast is rarely a good idea, but eating a huge meal isn’t great either. A protein shake, on the other hand, allows you to maintain your energy level and build muscle throughout the day.

However, unless you are a competitive weightlifter or do extremely strenuous work, one should avoid protein shakes that are high in calories as it will hinder your weight loss goals. The overall purpose of any protein supplement is to provide you with the key ingredients that your body needs to build lean muscle instead of fat. Protein shakes are one of the most efficient ways to make weight loss sustainable and delicious. Here’s some other ways protein supplements can improve your physical well being.

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