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ATP 360 (90 count)

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    • Clinically researched support for mitochondria
      ATP 360® is a comprehensive formula to support mitochondria and is backed by peer-reviewed, published clinical research. Using powerful, researched ingredients, ATP 360® provides targeted, effective support.Clinical human research has been peer-reviewed and published in Alternative Therapies May/Jun 2021 Vol. 27 No. 3†. This human study demonstrated a number of statistically significant results showing ATP 360‘s ability to support mitochondria, energy, mental functioning, sleep, as well as cardiovascular and cytokine function.

      Mechanisms of Action:

      • Phospholipid matrix promotes mitochondrial membrane health
      • R-Lipoic Acid and PQQ support the Krebs Cycle and mitochondrial mitogenesis
      • Antioxidants protect mitochondria against oxidative stress
      • Nutrients such as NADH and CoQ10 promote a healthy electron transport chain and ATP production

      Energize your mitochondria!

      Mitochondria are responsible for cellular energy. A multitude of health-related and environmental factors can impact mitochondrial health. ATP 360® is formulated to provide complete mitochondrial support, by promoting normal mitochondrial growth and mitosis, supporting healthy mitochondrial membrane, and supplying the necessary cofactors for optimal cellular energy production.
      These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or cure any disease.


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