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Beauty Package

$136.00 or $122.40 / month

A fantastic way to look and feel great at any age. This package includes:

  • ResveraPlex Plus (60 ct)is a potent resveratrol formula standardized on the most biologically active trans-isomer. Trans-resveratrol is superior to other forms of resveratrol because it is the active form and is therefore much more bioavailable to humans.* Resveratrol has been shown to help support healthy cardiovascular function and promote a healthy response to biological stress.* It is also well known for its anti-aging properties.*
  • Ageless Total Facial Cleanser (6oz)This daily-use, universal skin cleanser is a smart way to jumpstart skins exfoliation process. The three-in-one formula removes makeup, balances skins pH and gently exfoliates surface cells to reveal smooth, supple skin. We use it before every IMAGE Skincare professional peel to prepare skin for treatment.
  • Resveratin Plus (60 ct)provides a complete bioflavonoid complex with resveratrol, quercetin, and pterostilbene. These three antioxidants work together synergistically. Pterostilbene, a new focus of scientific research, is methylated resveratrol, a bio-optimized form that complements resveratrol and quercetin. These compounds are being extensively studied in the areas of cardiovascular health and aging.*


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