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Blissful Wellness D3 5000

$31.00 or $27.90 / month

The latest recommendation to help protect us from COVID-19 is to get adequate amounts of vitamin D. Most importantly, pharmaceutical grade vitamin D is superior to traditional over-the-counter brands of vitamin D due to the fact that pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D is regulated and tested to guarantee that you are getting exactly the amount stated on the label and what you need. That is not usually the case from over-the-counter brands. Blissful Wellness has pharmaceutical grade vitamin D available for you now right now.

Vitamin D3 is an essential for weight loss. In one study, documented in the British Journal of Nutrition, people who took vitamin D were more likely to lose weight than those who took a placebo. Positive effects like these are why Dr. Elyssa Blissenbach has designed her own pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, like this Vitamin D3. Engaging her passion for health and healing, and partnering with the finest labs in America, you will find no better products for your journey to wellness, no matter what your health goals are.


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