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Cats Claw (2oz – 4oz)

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The cat’s claw ingredient is a traditional herb found in a number of tick-borne illness protocols. Handcrafted in small batches, Montana Farmacy offers quality herbal tinctures – and this cat’s claw tincture is no exception. Cat’s Claw is a key component of the Buehner Herbs, the Ross Lyme Support Protocol, and the Cowden Support Protocol.

This liquid supplement has a high nutrient content that may boost your immune system’s effectiveness all year round. It may protect the organs, muscles, and joints and acts as a diuretic removing excess fluids to promote healthy blood sugar levels. With an abundance of antioxidants, it can boost your ability to learn and improve your mood.

Cat’s claw is derived from a tropical vine that has hooked thorns that resemble cat claws. This bark and root have been used as traditional medicine in South America to treat various conditions including inflammation, cancer, and other infections.

For improved health, we suggest taking one full dropper one to three times daily. This dosage can vary according to your physician’s advice or recommendations.


2oz, 4oz


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