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Circadian PM (90 count)

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    • A multifaceted approach is needed to support falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer, and achieving higher quality, more restful sleep. Circadian PM™ utilizes a blend of 10 ingredients, promoting multiple mechanisms of action to nurture healthy sleep.

      Mechanisms of Action*

      • Promotes a healthy central nervous system & promotes sleep initiation by:
        • Increasing GABA, the primary inhibitory central nervous system neurotransmitter*​
        • Decreasing breakdown of GABA & its binding *​
        • Stimulating GABA receptor*
      • Promotes undisrupted sleep by supporting healthy serotonin levels, leading to increased REM sleep*​
      • Reduces wakefulness by supporting healthy histamine levels in the brain* ​
      • Supports a healthy response to anxiety, promoting better sleep*​
      • Promotes normal cytokine function to relax the central nervous system, leading to a healthy pain response*


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