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Glamour Beauty Sleep


  • SLEEP AS THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Had enough of waking up tired with puffy eyes Glamour Nutrition Beauty Sleep by Midway Labs offers a powerful nutraceutical blend with beauty antioxidants for your skin while helping you naturally drift to sleep so you can get your beauty rest for healthier skin and hair.*
  • NOT JUST MELATONIN! Unlike other sleeping pills, Glamour Beauty Sleep offers a complete beauty solution with a complex of amino acids, herbal ingredients, and antioxidants with beauty benefits plus it contains 3 mcg of melatonin.*
  • AN HERBAL BEAUTY BOUQUET: Enjoy easy, beautifying sleep with this herbal blend of chamomile, passion flower and valerian root.*
  • REST & RELAXATION. A good night’s sleep makes everything better, from skin to hair to eyes to wrinkle reduction, so catch some ZZZs and optimize your beauty rest with our advanced beauty formulation.*
  • USAGE: Sleep yourself beautiful! Just take one capsule 30 minutes before bedtime and wake up feeling refreshed!*


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