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Proticcino Protein Drink (Canister)

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If you love coffee and are looking for something low in fat then we have the perfect product for you. Our Healthwise Proticcino Drink Canister has 28 Delicous Servings. It is rich in taste, can be served cold or hot and at only 80 calories you can enjoy this drink often. It can be difficult to find replacements for those high-fat lattes that are very tasty, but if you are to lose weight then you must make the effort to do so. Therefore, instead of your usual high-fat coffee drink check out our Proticcino Instant Drink.

Drinking the right drinks is just as important as eating the right food if you plan on losing weight. The Proticcino Instant Drink is one of those drinks that you can enjoy on a regular basis and it will not do anything to harm your pursuit of meeting your weight loss targets.

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