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Wellness Essentials Men’s Vitality

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Support vitality, libido, and overall wellness daily. Wellness Essentials Mens Vitality is formulated to target your unique nutritional needs to support mens health and maintain overall wellness.*

Each once-daily packet provides:

Multifaceted health support:PhytoMultithe smart multi with essential nutrients and a proprietary blend of concentrated extracts and phytonutrients to help support cellular health and activate health potential.*Libido and healthy sexual function support:HisSynergy™ provides premium nutritional support for healthy male sexual function, libido, and vitality.*

Testosterone and prostate health support:Testralinprovides key ingredients that may help promote healthy testosterone balance.*

Cellular, immune and reproductive health support:Zinc A.G.™ is designed to be highly absorbable as a true amino chelate to help support cellular, immune and male reproductive health.*

Heart health, mood, and overall health support:*OmegaGenicsEPA-DHA 500 is a quality-guaranteed omega-3 fatty acid formula manufactured and third-party tested to ensure greater purity.

Serving size:1 Packet
Servings Per Container:30


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