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cool exercise facts

13 Fun Facts About Exercise

We all know that exercise is beneficial to our physical and mental health. However, there is a significant distinction between knowing that we should exercise on a regular basis and actually doing so. Life is hectic, and it’s often difficult to generate the mindset to get one’s body moving. As a result, we’ve compiled a …

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Five Tips For A Healthy Holiday

The magical season of the year is finally here! Trees and decorations are up, stockings are ready to go, old Christmas songs on the radio, and some of our favorite meals are just around the corner. Christmas ham, roasted and mashed potatoes with gravy, casseroles, and baked goods galore. Of course, family and friends are …

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what to eat after having baby

Superfoods for new mothers

Losing weight after having a baby is difficult. The nutrients in your diet, particularly if you are nursing, help your child grow robust and healthy. Losing weight will be easier if you stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly. but here are some g0-to foods that are nutritious, delicious, and will give you the …

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