Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Many who struggle with weight management as adults adopted their eating behaviors when they were children. Parental influence on diet, feeding practices, and attitudes toward food can stick with us for decades. We now have access to more food options than earlier generations and a lot of the meals of today have never tasted better. …

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Healthy Fall Foods

Fall is here and along with it, a number of delicious, nutritious, seasonal foods that are super healthy. maybe some of these are on your seasonal rotation, but we hope that you will be adventurous enough to try those that are not. So take out your grocery shopping list and make plans to expand  your …

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cool exercise facts

Fun Facts About Exercise

As we already know, exercise has a positive effect on our physical and mental health. But there’s a huge difference between knowing that we should exercise regularly, and actually doing the exercise itself. Life is busy, and it’s often hard to drum up the motivation to get one’s body moving. So we put together a …

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Is Junk Food Really That Bad?

Many people develop an unhealthy love affair with junk food at some point in their life, but just how dangerous is junk food? Unfortunately, the answer is, ‘really dangerous’. Eating junk food on a regular basis raises the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and some cancers. Like it or …

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